Monday, September 10, 2012

Do you know how to care for your harvest?

Earlier this morning the Lord was speaking to us about protection. He showed me a picture of myself pushing and pushing in hard labor. The baby was born, the cord was cut, and then no one cleaned the baby, no one sucked out the snot, or cleaned out the mouth, no one swaddled the baby, and the baby was just left on a cold table crying and being ignored. Dying from hunger and hypothermia; the baby g
ave up. That baby was supposed to be a harvest miracle but because the "parents" didn't know how to care for the newborn, the harvest died. She wasn't protected. HOW DARE ANYONE ASK FOR A HARVEST WITHOUT KNOWING HOW TO CARE FOR IT AFTER IT COMES! Anyone who is a parent or expectant parent knows that there are things that they must do to prepare for the coming miracle. But how many churches today prepare for a harvest of souls and know how to care for these Christian babies? They must be protected! They must be PROTECTED! There must be things in place to care for these precious saints! How is your church in this area? After my husband was delivered from homosexuality, the church that he started going to did not know how to care for him. My beloved was delivered and yet he still had to return to the town house where his exlover lived! He stood under all that pressure and remained CLEAN before God. Church, we have got to get this right! We need to be praying, "Lord, what do we need to do to protect the harvest?" Do what he does and say what he says. PERIOD!
Can you imagine if there was a church that knew how to care for my husband after he came to the Lord? What if it was your son or daughter that was delivered from being gay? Wouldn't it be awesome if every church knew how to care for their harvest? I would have loved to hear my husband say, "Dede, after I left the lifestyle my church leased me an apartment for 6 months just so I could get out of my ex-lovers town house." Get your house prepared for the harvest! Wouldn't it be wonderful if each new Christian had a mentor assigned to them by the Holy Spirit to teach, encourage, correct, and LOVE until they are showing signs of maturity and are ready to fly!
After I left my abusive ex-husband, (and I knew the Lord), it took me months to see that I really had a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11); and I was a fierce Christian then! How much harder would it be for someone who has never known the Lord! I realize that this takes patience and lots of it. I also realize that this takes sacrifice, and lots of love...agape love. This is required to protect your harvest! So, do you really want a harvest after all? I sure do and I'm going to do whatever I need to do to protect it when it comes!